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CBD Is The Best Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Cancer, Anti-Anxiety Superfood You're Not Eating (Mind Body Green):

Ooooh, CBD. Very trendy. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of 113 active substances that can be found in the cannabis plant. People talking about it when it hit the headlines earlier this year; a live news segment on US TV channel CNN showed a toddler with severe epilepsy halting a seizure by swallowing a CBD-supplemented oil, sparking a barrage of twitter controversy. Unlike the tetrahydrocannabinol molecule of the cannabis plant (THC), CBD has not been shown to have any psychoactive effects and is perfectly safe to take. MindBodyGreen have put together a great piece on the potential health benefits of CBD this week, and their timing couldn't be more perfect as cannabidiol becomes more commercially available in the UK. You can get your hands on it in oil form at your local health store (great for adding to porridge, smoothies and baked goods), in capsule form, or - our favourite - combined with cacao to make the tastiest, most superfood-y chocolate truffles imaginable.


Is It Possible To Be Scared To Death? (Huff Post):

"I was so scared, I thought I might die!" - we've probably all said something to this effect at some point in our lives. In fact it's become a bit of a 'thing' to say "I died!" or "I'm dying!" to explain any feeling which takes us - in an extreme way - out of our comfort zone. We might say it whilst eating the best meal of our lives (I evidently eat the best meal of my life every single day), or after hearing a shockingly scandalous piece of gossip. We might say it as we double over onto the floor when something is beyond-description hilarious, or we might declare impending death when we find ourselves in receipt of whatsapp message containing a particularly adorable puppy pic. And we are almost all guilty of having been "scared to death" by the spider lurking in the bath or the robber hiding under the bed in the middle of a restless night. In this piece, which originally featured in The Atlantic, Katie Heaney asks if it really is possible to be so terrified that your body simply gives out. Well worth a read if you're guilty of any of the above proclamations!

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I Tested 6 Bedtime Hacks Successful People Swear By (Man Repeller):

I was drawn to this piece after having previously read 'I Tried The Morning Routines of 5 Successful People' (also by the fabulous Amelia Diamond) back in August. The initial article really struck a chord with me - the me that's still harbouring dreams of being like, actually just being, Oprah Winfrey/Anna Wintour/Sheryl Sandberg/Arianna - and so I was inevitably overjoyed when a link to this article appeared in my inbox, only this time focused on bedtime routines which is something I'm significantly worse at than mornings. We love a good #lifehack at Raw Press, and this is a must-must-must-read for anybody who thinks their night time routine could do with a little shake-up!


Why The Government Has An Issue With The Term "Pregnant Women” (Refinery29):

An informative look at the controversy surrounding the efforts of the UK Government to amend of a piece of U.N. human rights legislation which currently declares that "pregnant women" can not legally be handed a death sentence for a crime they may have committed. Those seeking the changes are anxious not to exclude pregnant transgender people from benefitting from the same legal treatment. The topic has been trending all week, and it's a really great place to start from when questioning the myriad assumptions we make as a society each and every day about ourselves, other people and the nuances of what it means to inhabit an 'identity'.

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Get paid for being healthy: Wellness rewards platform KrowdFit raises $3.8M (Geek Wire): 

Maybe I don't need a job anymore? I eat a varied and balanced diet, exercise regularly, and usually manage to squeak a couple of 20-minute mediations into my week. Who knew I could get paid for just being alive and doing my thing? Well, apparently I can! Wellness platform KrowdFit dishes out financial prizes every week to those who stick to exercise and diet goals. What a fabulous idea for those looking to maintain good habits, better their health or get in shape - #MotivationMonday just took on a whole new meaning!