Soothing CBD-infused Hot Chocolate Recipe

Soothing CBD-infused Hot Chocolate Recipe

This hot chocolate is basically just bliss in a mug! The raw cacao is a natural mood elevator (we all know about chocolate!) and is packed full of antioxidants to keep us fighting fit. CBD, an active compound from the hemp plant, is linked to an ever-growing list of potential health benefits. It feeds the body’s endocannabinoid system, helping regulate mood and promoting good sleep so a mug of this at the end of a long day will leave you feeling great.



½ - 1 tsp Hempen Organic CBD Coconut Oil

3 tsp raw cacao powder

Natural sweetener to taste (we added 1 tsp honey)

1 cup hemp milk, or your favourite type of milk




Add your CBD coconut oil to a small pan on a low heat.

As soon as the oil has melted, add the cacao and stir to form a paste.

Stir in your sweetener.

Now add the milk, a small amount at a time, stirring constantly.
Bring slowly up to the desired temperature (do not boil).

Pour into your favourite mug, put your feet up & enjoy.


Hempen makes high quality organic CBD-infused products, all of which have a slew of health and environmental benefits.