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ManiLife Original Crunchy Peanut Butter

ManiLife Original Crunchy Peanut Butter


Founder Stu worked for a peanut butter social enterprise in Argentina and ended up falling in love with the stuff! These delicious craft nut butters are made with single estate high-oleic peanuts, sea salt and nothing else!

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The original, ManiLife’s first creation. It’s thick, creamy and has the perfect crunch! 

The ingredients: Fine, Argentine hi-oleic peanuts (99.1 per cent). They're sweet and with a fat profile akin to olive oil, damn good for you too. Plus some sea salt (0.9 per cent).

The roast: Perfected over months, bringing out the natural sweetness of these Argentine beauties. 

The blend: Meticulously crafted from their kitchen blender days, this blend achieves a texture that is the perfect combination of indulgent creaminess and proper crunch.


Hi-Oleic Argentinian peanuts 99.1%, sea salt 0.9%