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Skin & Tonic Rose Mist

Skin & Tonic Rose Mist


Stop and smell the roses with Skin & Tonic’s Rose Mist. Skin & Tonic is committed to only using gentle, certified organic, fresh ingredients that benefit the skin, reduce sensitivities and support health! They make in small batches and use a maximum of 7 natural ingredients in their formulations.

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Skin & Tonic’s refreshing Rose Mist is basically a flower shower: it will cool, hydrate and tone your skin and can be used to set makeup. The scent of rose is a natural mood enhancer so it will perk your mood and skin up too.

A beautifully fragrant floral toner created with just 4 ingredients, this certified organic rose water is grown and distilled high up in the fresh, clean air of the French Alps. It’s been delicately blended with cooling aloe vera and glycerin to keep your skin happy and hydrated.

If you’re going somewhere sunny, this is a must-have for plane journeys and in the heat. (We also like to keep one permanently on our desks and an extra cool one in the fridge!)



ROSE CENTIFOLIA FLOWER WATER - distilled from organic rose petals, this soothing rose water is hydrating, astringent and excellent for reducing redness and inflammation.

GLYCERIN - a powerful natural humectant, which works to draw moisture from the air to your skin.

ALOE VERA POWDER - light, hydrating and healing, aloe contains natural Salicylic Acid, great for the prevention and treatment of blemishes.