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Mindful Bites Almond & Maca Nut Butter

Mindful Bites Almond & Maca Nut Butter


Mindful Bites creates nut butters whilst championing the philosophy of mindful eating, incorporating into its blends a variety of different nuts, as well as superfoods such as maca, baobab and cacao.

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Almond & Maca Jar

  • Healthy yet indulgent, this rich nut butter is a powerhouse of health with explosive taste.

  • Made with the highest quality of selected nuts and blended with superfoods.

  • This beautifully velvety texture is designed to release the full burst of flavours slowly, creating a highly decadent experience.

  • Try it on its own, on toast or with fruit, in porridge or muesli. Also delicious with yoghurt and smoothies.

  • You can use to bake healthier treats and also add to frozen yoghurt or ice-cream.

Almond & Maca

This velvety filling is combined with caramel tones from the premium Peruvian maca. It also has a hint of sweetness from the lucuma and yacon.

  • Vegan

  • Dairy-Free

  • Plant-Based Protein

  • No Added Sugar/Sweeteners

  • No Palm Oil

Ingredients: Ground almonds (79%), Lucuma powder, Yacon syrup, Maca powder (2%), Sweet almond oil, High-oleic sunflower oil, Emulsifier: Sunflower lecithin; Pink Himalayan salt.