Healthy Doesn't Have to Be Hard

Cleanse Packages


The benefits of cleansing are more about what you leave out than what you put in. Your body naturally performs functions that act to detoxify, maintain homeostasis and allow healing to occur. These include the daily dialysis of blood by your kidneys, which rids your body of harmful waste, the control of blood sugar levels by the pancreas and liver, the fighting of infection by the lymphatic system, regulation of acids and bases by the lungs, as well as many other important tasks. 

When toxins find their way into your blood they disrupt your body’s homeostatic process. The human body is built to respond by purging these toxins as waste. However, in order for you to effectively reset, you must first stop the toxification incurred through harmful lifestyle and dietary decisions such as the intake of alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, and for some people, dairy. If you drink only juice, you leave out every mistake whilst still taking on the nutrition you need from protein, carbohydrates, fat, organic salts, vitamins and minerals, such that you keep all of your necessary functions working as they should. During a cleanse, you should consume no alcohol, no coffee, no tea (other than herbal teas), no solid foods, and make sure you have plenty of rest.


Raw juice is anti-inflammatory, alkalising and nutritious when a variety of organic vegetables and fruits are used. As juice only has trace amounts of fibre, the nutrients are able to enter the blood stream rapidly and be quickly absorbed. Without fibre, your digestive system is furthermore allowed to rest; this vital energy reserve can be used for the detoxifying process. 


The main benefits of a cleanse are that you are avoiding dietary mistakes, therefore it doesn’t matter in which order you drink your juice; this is a major misconception around cleansing. All of our juices flood your body with useful vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Drink as much juice as you feel comfortable with and if needed, complement your diet with hot water, lemon, ginger and raw honey, or otherwise a small amount of herbal tea. We have curated a few recommended selections above, but you can also pick a collection of your own to suit your taste! 


Leading into a cleanse, do not consume alcohol or caffeine, and don’t binge eat on highly calorific, fatty foods; these will only make you feel hungrier at the start of your programme. It is also worthwhile to avoid processed foods for at least one day before you start. After the cleanse, it is also important to ease out gently through eating lightly and by slowly introducing solids. One can consider experimenting with a raw food vegan diet either before or after your programme, as this can be a great way to extend the duration of the cleanse. Remember, healthy doesn’t have to be hard!


We deliver every day within London, however for national cleanses we can only deliver between Tuesday - Friday (or Saturday in select areas) as we despatch by overnight couriers that do not pick-up or deliver on weekends.


The order deadline is 10am on the day before your cleanse is due to start, although you can of course pre-book your cleanse as early in advance as you like. 

We use a reputable third party courier service. Please bear in mind when organising your schedule that we cannot guarantee that your juices will be delivered by the specified time. Our couriers will always aim to achieve their service time, however there may be unavoidable delays due to road traffic accidents or weather conditions. If you need to follow up with us on your delivery, please call Maya at our store number on 020 7730 4347 or email hello@rawpress.co. We won't let you go thirsty!

All of our juices must be kept refrigerated and once opened, consume straight away.